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FLEXXOR Coupling Reduces Vibrations in Gas Compression Application


For several years, a gas gathering company was dealing with high vibrations on the motor driving a 6 throw, 5,400 HP reciprocating compressor. Over that time, several attempts were made to reduce the levels, but none were successful. On the output end of the motor, the vibrations were reading 0.291 inches per second.

The engineers involved decided to look at the bending stiffness of the coupling. The existing coupling was a typical disc-style with a 28 inch flywheel adapter, but it was relatively stiff in the axial and bending orientations. They came to Coupling Corporation to get a more forgiving coupling which fit in the same space without any equipment changes. CouplingCorp designed the Flywheel FLEXXOR coupling based on the torsional analysis that was previously performed, so that the coupling inertia and torsional spring rates would match the application requirements.

After installing the new coupling in the summer of 2016, the vibrations on the motor output end dropped to 0.065 inches per second which is a 77% reduction! These were the lowest levels ever recorded on that particular unit. Since then, the system has maintained the low vibrations through all ranges of operation.

As a bonus, the customer had a very quick and simple installation using the Anderson Clamp Hub on the 8.5 inch motor shaft. There was no need for heat or hydraulics, just hand wrenches.

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