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TB Wood’s Introduces Sure-Flex® Plus Coupling Cost Savings Calculator

TB Wood's

TB Wood’s has created a new program that allows users to quantify just how significant
the savings can be when replacing a copy-cat coupling sleeve with the high performance Sure-Flex® Plus EPDM or Neoprene sleeve.

The program is now available at www.tbwoods.com, or it can be installed as a smartphone app on any Android™ or Apple® device. Users simply input their current maintenance interval, cost of downtime, sleeve replacement cost, etc., and the program will reveal the cost savings that could be achieved by using genuine TB Wood’s Sure-Flex Plus sleeves.

The original Sure-Flex coupling design, an industry favorite for more than 50 years, has recently gotten even better. New Sure-Flex Plus EPDM and Neoprene sleeves have a 30% higher torque rating, allowing many common applications to use a one-size-smaller coupling at an average 25% cost savings. This lowers the cost of both the initial coupling purchase and future sleeve replacements.

Extensive testing has shown that size-for-size, Sure-Flex Plus sleeves last more than 3X longer than the competition. The longer service life in demanding applications reduces required maintenance and associated replacement cost.

The Sure-Flex Plus sleeve design is 100% compatible with all existing TB Wood’s and competitive coupling flanges. Retrofitting a sleeve eliminates the need to replace the full coupling.



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