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Steam Turbine Control Made Easy

Thanks to the option of simultaneous control of maximum 4 HP and 2 LP control valves there is no need to adjust the valves mechanically using a camshaft or a separate electronic valve coordinator.


Voith TurCon DTc provides simple, fast and cost-effective system integration

Controllers come “pre-engineered” with software for simple parameter-setting and commissioning

Safety is top priority when operating a steam turbine – and reliable control of the steam turbine is also important. Voith’s range of reliable digital steam turbine controllers has been extended with the new TurCon DTc. This compact model can be set up quickly and easily to perform all standard control functions on mechanical driven machines and generators. The new controller is “pre-engineered” and suitable for steam turbines of all power classes.

Customers have certain specifications for modern steam turbine controllers and they typically involve fast, simple and cost-effective system integration with maximum possible reliability, process quality, productivity and safety.

Decision-makers of OEMs, or engineering contractors and modernizers looking to minimize costs, prefer to use controllers that do not have elaborate installation processes yet offer a high degree of flexibility. Operators of steam turbines expect a reliable product that uses proven control algorithms to ensure high process quality and productivity. With the TurCon DTc, Voith is offering a new, compact steam turbine controller in its established product range that ideally meets these specific requirements. Because the controller is “pre-engineered,” the customer only has to set selected parameters, which keeps installation work to a minimum. There is no need to buy additional special software; data can be displayed at any time via the control panel or via the connected control system.

Simple connection – even in IoT environments

The TurCon DTc consists of two rugged assemblies, an intuitive 7″ TFT-LCD touchscreen control panel with integrated CPU and a remote I/O unit. The controller can be integrated into existing Industry 4.0 environments via the standardized Ethernet interface with Modbus TCP or OPC. An optional control panel or PC can be connected via the LAN interface; for example, as part of a commissioning process or remote monitoring scenario.

The option of simultaneously controlling a maximum of 4 HP and 2 LP control valves is another special feature of the TurCon DTc. This means that there is no need to adjust the valves mechanically using a camshaft or via a separate valve coordinator (split range).

Fast and systematic process optimization for high reliability and availability

Other key elements ensuring reliability and availability include the three frequency inputs with a 2-out-of-3 voting for the speed sensors. The fault-tolerant speed measuring equipment offers high reliability and availability. An integrated simulation mode allows commissioning personnel to check whether the parameter settings are actually correct and to improve them if necessary prior to hot commissioning. This minimizes the risk of damage due to incorrect parameters.

The TurCon DTc archives the last 1,000 status, warning and alarm messages with a time stamp, allowing process flows and malfunctions to be easily identified and traced. As a result, fast, targeted optimizations are possible.

The TurCon DTc consists of two rugged assemblies, an intuitive touchscreen control panel with integrated CPU and a remote I/O unit.

“The TurCon DTc is a steam turbine controller to suit all needs,” explains Willi Zinnecker, Head of Electric Drive Systems at Voith in Crailsheim, Germany. “The controller comes “pre-engineered” with software. This allows customers looking for an “off-the-shelf” controller at an attractive price to perform all standard control functions including simple speed control, demanding frequency control and complex extraction pressure control. As a result, customers are able to enhance their plant availability, product quality and last but not least, productivity.”

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