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    Top 4 Machining Tips from Dura-Bar


    Dura-Bar’s superior machinability stems from the graphite contained in its microstructure. Graphite enhances machining by acting as a natural chip-breaker. It reduces friction on the insert and dissipates heat, thereby extending tool life. Graphite also improves overall wear resistance in the final application.

    The key to getting the most benefit and cost savings from Dura-Bar’s inherent advantages is to check your machining methods. Download these Top 4 Machining Tips or read theĀ Dura-Bar Machining Guide which includes:

    • machinability ratings and wear rates of specific grades of Dura-Bar vs. steel grades
    • recommended machining speeds and feed rates, and
    • shows how Dura-Bar chips are consistent, controllable and lead free.

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