John Crane Aura™ Dry Gas Seal for Compressors

Aura™ Dry Gas Seal

The Next Generation of John Crane Gas Seals Aura™ reduces operational and transactional costs using a patented polymeric sealing device. Aura reduces leakage rates by...
Cook Compressors

Sentrix Gas Flow Measurement

Sentrix™ flow measurement technology provides highly accurate, easy-to-use solutions for measuring and tracking packing case vent flow in gas compressors. Multiple configurations are available to suit...
compressor valves

Compressor Valves

Cook Compression is an innovator in the design, manufacture and application of compressor valves. From precision-crafted metal plate valves to the latest high-performance designs...

Manley® Valve

Since its introduction in 1971, the Cook Manley valve has set standards that have revolutionized the compressor valve industry. The Manley valve uses radiused,...
Moppet Valve Image


MOPPET valves provide outstanding reliability, even in the most demanding service, delivering consistently longer run times and reducing total life cycle costs. A MOPPET...

Ring Damped Valve

The Ring Damped Valve is a new breed of plate valve for high-speed reciprocating compressors, providing an effective flow area that is 10% larger...
Optima Series Plate Valves Image

Optima® Series Plate Valves

Cook Compression offers a complete range of plate valve assemblies and internal components for air and process gas compressors, as well as for compressors...

Rod Rings

As the inventor of floating mechanical packing over a century ago, Cook is unmatched in application experience. Cook has supplied rod rings for tens...
Packing Cases

Packing Cases

Cook Compression offers a wide assortment of packing cases suitable for use at pressures ranging from vacuum to 50,000 psi. Options include: Features for...

L-Jaw couplings

The TB Wood’s line of L-Jaw couplings has recently been expanded to include a larger range of bore sizes, as well as new aluminum...