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Top 5 Articles of 2017!


EmpoweringCompressors.com is proud to share the Top 5 most popular articles viewed on this site this year! Please use the comments section to request compressor topics you’d like to see covered in 2018.

Why Compression Ratio Matters

One of the critical parameters in compressor design and selection is the compression ratio, which is the ratio of the absolute stage discharge pressure to the absolute stage suction pressure. Here’s how to calculate your compression ratio.

Demystifying Compressor Flow Terms, a 3-Part Series

When pumping liquids, common flow terms are used – such as gallons per minute, gallons per hour, barrels per day, and so on. Because liquids are considered incompressible, pressure corrections are rarely required for liquid flow terms.  We normally consider that the volumetric flow entering a pump remains essentially constant as it moves through a pump. However, when dealing with gases, due to their compressible nature, a different set of terms are required to define flow.  The purpose of this 3-part series of articles is to cover commonly used flow terms related to compressed gases.

Safety First! Valve Installation Tool for Top & Bottom Installation & Removal

According to safety experts, compressor valve installation and removal is a leading cause of workplace injuries in gas compression operations. Awkward angles, heavy parts, hot, greasy surfaces and dangerous pinch points combine to increase the risk of serious injury to extremities, as well as cause overexertion injuries from lifting, pushing and holding valves in place. These problems are magnified with larger size valves, cramped spaces, extreme weather conditions and poorly lit work areas.

Digital Transformation in the Global Compressor Industry Creates New Growth Prospects

With 5 big market predictions, this research study from Frost & Sullivan analyzes current and future trends in the global compressor market across various industries. Market, product and regional trends are also discussed, covering the regions of North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world.  

Compressor Person of the Week – Lane Lousteau

There are so many talented and interesting people working with compressors that EmpoweringCompressors.com is making an effort to shine a spotlight on individuals who spend their time and energy making valuable contributions! Now, YOU can nominate an Industry Professional of the Week too!

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